N6 Icecream


We as a family have always believed in growing with positive and making our customers happy. It all began in 2019 when Six brothers of Nimje family came together and started this venture. Every brother contributed equal love and share towards the growth of the company.

We are hooked on bring exciting amours that would cherish your mind and soul and ll you with nothing but love.

Who We Are?

We are a set of common people who come from middle class background. We are the commoners ready to set our foot in the world of business with a perspective. We are a set of highly qualified individuals with an on-field experience in our respective branches. Maybe it be marketing, production or even finance: we have got it all covered with technical assistance and youth driven ideologies.

We believe in

When we think of an ice-cream, all we can think is the richness and creamy textures of these gorgeous treats. We are here to give you a healthy experience of the wholesomeness of food.

Necessity is the mother of innovation. We will be coming up with products that satisfy all genres and the needs of the commoners. Also we will be introducing to the world a new born idea in ice-creams and also reproducing the long lost vintage ice-creams.

Product presentation is a very crucial part for any successful venture. We will be economising as well as presenting it environmentally so as to preserve our very precious planet.

Stay hungry , stay connected

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