We welcome you to the N6 family. N6 makes mouth-watering avours that can mess your table manner but not the quality of products. We serve you the organic and chilled wonders of happiness called an Ice-Cream. From children to oldies everyone loves ice-cream. So our express will never compromise with quality and taste. And we ensure the best will be served to your scoops and cones.

Organic ice cream is made with organic milk, cream, and ingredients that aren’t treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Our Ice cream is packed with fully paper based recycled paper material which help reducing pollution and it’s totally Eco-friendly.

The flavors in the ice cream is totally natural. we are not using any chemical based ice cream flavor which is unhealthy for us.

Interesting Facts


We are focused on producing all sorts of ice-cream that are available like chocolate bars, candy bars, cones and even family packs. All in different amours packed with a twist.

We here at N6 ice-creams are focused to give the world a break through with innovations to the ice-cream industry. We are here to provide this gorgeous treat to everyone devoid of it, may it be diabetics or gym freaks. We are here to redden ice-cream.

We believe in

When we think of an ice-cream, all we can think is the richness and creamy textures of these gorgeous treats. We are here to give you a healthy experience of the wholesomeness of food.

Necessity is the mother of innovation. We will be coming up with products that satisfy all genres and the needs of the commoners. Also we will be introducing to the world a new born idea in ice-creams and also reproducing the long lost vintage ice-creams.

Product presentation is a very crucial part for any successful venture. We will be economising as well as presenting it environmentally so as to preserve our very precious planet.

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